girlTeens (Generation Z)

Teens (age 13-19) today have so many unique challenges and struggles. They are connected but lonely, often anxious, unsure about their future, maybe struggling with gender and sexuality.

They’ve never known a world without the internet and cell phones. They might be spending hours a day on social media, often using that as their major method of connecting with others.

They have also never known a world pre-9/11, maybe they are concerned about political issues. They are stressed about climate change, worried about what the future holds. They might be engaging in self-harm or having suicidal ideation.

They are struggling with their gender and sexual identity, many identifying in a much more fluid sense of these identities than previous generations.

I have experience working with teens struggling with these issues. My goals are to build a strong therapeutic connection with teens, where they can feel safe to share anything from their daily interactions with others to their deepest distress. We work together on emotional regulation and I have utilized EMDR to deal with anxiety or worries.

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Young Adults

Do you feel “trapped” by the life choices you’ve made so far?

Do you feel like once you’ve chosen a path of an education, career, or relationship that you are “stuck” in the one you’ve chosen?

Are you feeling worried about the future?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to your peers?

These may be some of the struggles you are experiencing as a young adult: someone in their 20s/30s.

As a therapist who specializes in working with young adults, I will help you:

  • better understand this phase of life
  • validate that you are not alone in your feelings
  • provide the tools to help you navigate the challenges presented by this life stage

Call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation to talk about therapy with me and see if we are a good fit! 916-790-6024