lavenderAnxiety can take on many forms.

It can range from feeling “on edge” to full blown panic.

It can include feelings of excessive worry, fear, obsession, or nervousness.

It can affect your emotions, your thoughts, and the way you physically experience the world.


I have years of experience working with anxiety disorders and believe that anxiety can be related to many factors including biology, the way we connect our thoughts to our emotions, the way we interpret physical sensations, and the way we think about our life in terms of the past and the future.

I use a combination of several techniques when working with anxiety disorders, depending on the individual personalities and strengths of my clients. I most frequently use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness.

Generally speaking, my style of therapy is humanistic and client-centered. Providing a safe space, free of judgment, full of empathy and validation can be healing in and of itself. Using this style towards our work with anxiety, I will help you to feel that you’re not alone in your struggle and that you have the strengths to overcome and manage your anxiety symptoms.

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