On the surface you may look like you have your life together but inside you are overthinking, worried, catastrophizing, or even panicking. The effort putting into masking your anxiety is starting to make you feel exhausted.

You have a feeling that your past is affecting your present, whether it’s experiences you’ve had in your life or relationships you’ve had with others. You want to understand the “why” behind this feeling but you also want to know how to feel better.

You’re ready to live a more calm, satisfying life where you feel like you can manage these symptoms without compromising yourself.

I have been told that I have a calming presence and I am very empathetic and help my clients feel heard and understood, which can be healing. I myself have experienced anxiety so I am able to understand the symptoms from a personal perspective. To directly address anxiety symptoms, I give you tools such as being more mindful and working with your thoughts and behaviors. I also utilize EMDR to help ease symptoms.