Hi, I’m Heather. Welcome! I invite you to explore my site to see what I can offer you and to help you decide if we’re a good fit to work together!

Let me share a few of my beliefs and how they might apply to you.

Everyone has the capacity for change and I believe in human resiliency. I think sometimes people get stuck in old patterns of thoughts and behavior. We go into autopilot mode which can lead to reverting back to limited ways of thinking and feeling.

When people feel truly heard, understood, validated, and are given the tools, they can get out of that stuck place.

How therapy with me can help…

You find yourself feeling on edge, you overthink almost everything, you tend to think of the worst case scenario in most situations. You are having trouble focusing on the present, frequently worrying about the future. It’s starting to affect your relationships with others but even your relationship with yourself. I can help you focus on the present, help you feel less anxious or help you get through a difficult transition. We can find your calm.

What it’s like to work with me…

I am a humanistic and client-centered therapist. I will help you understand your current challenges and see them from a different perspective, collaborating with you on ideas for changing what’s not working in your life. I integrate different ways of thinking and viewing situations, keeping in mind not only your relationship with yourself but your relationship with others. I use the techniques of mindfulness, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and emotion regulation to help you reach your goals.

If you want to talk with me to get a better sense of our fit, give me a call for a free 20 minute phone consultation! 916-790-6024.